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Next Generation of business communications. 
Xorcom designs and manufactures phones systems since 2004. Using the solid Linux and Asterisk platforms in its CompletePBX OS,provides solutions that are powerful yet user friendly, and highly secure and stable.

Xorcom award winning products are trusted by banks,government agencies, private corporations, public companies and small businesses in over 100 countries. 

CompletePBX Business Phone Systems.
CompletePBX IP-PBX is a full range of converged PSTN + VoIP telephony solutions for businesses of any kind


High reliability 
With quality products, application stability, comprehensive, professional design also gives you the best support and technical consulting services. Ensuring system availability and reliability is the highest with Twinstar High Availability - a comprehensive redundancy solution - researched and developed by Xorcom, committed to 99.8% availability.

Xorcom's top priority and perfect security solution for all products is provided to every customer. With a team of experienced engineers in the field of telecommunications and security technology, Xorcom is proud to offer the most comprehensive IP security solutions to our customers, delivering the highest level of reliability and security.
Most of the activities of the business as well as individual.

CompletePBX: An Ideal Solution for Any IP Phone System Business Scenario
Whether your business is a small office with a handful of workers or a multinational concern, CompletePBX can meet your IP-PBX requirements. 

Scroll down to view various topologies for implementations in standard offices, multi-site corporations, high availability scenarios, and converged legacy + VoIP implementations.

These features will simplify your system administration: 
-    Web-based interface  for easy implementation and management 
-    Unified communication and basic call center functionality carry no  per user license fees 
-    Modular support for PRI, BRI, FXO and FXS telephony interfaces 
-    Interoperability with SIP standard endpoints 
-    Built-in mechanisms to regulate access for  heightened security 
-    Hospitality-ready integrated solution interfaces with  leading PMS Easily tailored to suit a wide variety of vertical markets 
-    Open API enables easy integration of third party products

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These CompletePBX System Features Streamline Your Office Communications

  • Converged IP-PBX: VoIP + PSTN

  • Easy endpoint integration

  • Support for remote extensions

  • Basic, built-in call center

  • Unified communications

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PBX Appliances

CompletePBX appliance line offers fully integrated phone systems for any size business.

CompletePBX appliances provide an off-the-shelf solution for organizations that want to run an onpremise phone system, integrate with existing systems and connecting Astribank gateways

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Telephony Interfaces

Xorcom Astribank USB gateways are a secure andintegrated way to connect all traditional telephony ports to hybrid systems, including analog and digital lines and ports.

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Choosing the Right CompletePBX Phone System
Model CompletePBX is available in various configurations, depending on the size, connectivity and communications requirements of your organization. 

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CXS/CXR Series – Standard Business Telephony

For businesses with standard telephony requirements, the CXR series provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for three sizes of organizations. 

- Compact business telephony system for SOHO – CXS1000 supports up to 30 users 
- Small business telephony system –CXR1000 supports up to 30 users 
- Business telephony system – CXR2000 supports up to 200 users 
- Enterprise telephony system – CXR3000 supports up to 1,000 users

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CXE/CXT Series – Enhanced Business Telephony

For businesses who have strict policies about networking and reliability, the CXE series is the right choice. Especially relevant for inbound call centers, the CXE series supports an enhanced switchboard with unlimited buttons, instant messaging and voice mail explorer. 
- Enhanced business telephony system –CXE2000 supports up to 200 users (25 concurrent call center agents) 

- Enhanced enterprise telephony system –CXE3000 supports up to 1,000 users (100 concurrent call center agents) 

- Enterprise telephony system with built-in redundancy –Blue Steel CXT3000 supports up to 1,000 users (100 concurrent call center agents) 

- Heavy-duty telephony system –Blue Steel CXT4000 supports up to 1,500 users (160 concurrent call center agent

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TwinStar Plus Server Redundancy

Four special configurations, optimized for automatic failover of entire the entire telephony system and based on the 

- CXE/CXT series, are available:

- CTS2000 – supports up to 200 users

- CTS3000 – supports up to 1,000 users

- Blue Steel CXTS3000 – supports up to 1,000 users 
- Blue Steel CXTS4000 – supports up to 1,500 users

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IP Telephony