Why Integrated ELV for Building by Bakou Systems (Cambodia)
Why ELV For Buildings?
Extra Low Voltage

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) System deployed in residential and commercial buildings for the purposes of better control and security, this the terminology used as a part of the construction which covers all necessary technologies that are increasingly becoming must-have systems to apply in every building such Surveillance Security Camera (CCTV), Access control, Lift control, Vehicle control, Intrusion alarm, Fire alarm, Public announcement (PA), Intercom, Data Network / Wi-Fi , PBX Telephone system, Cable TV or IPTV, Smarthome, many more in communication and control system framework.

Lately, the advancement in digital technologies, we can have a broad ranges of integrated ELV systems to operate  on a common platform, share ip based connectivity resource. As a result, we could reduced investment in structure cabling, installation cost and it is quite convenience to manage data or remote control.

In construction, ELV and other building systems should have a plan, design and approve before construction finish because all systems will need to have well structure cabling, cable management and work closely with builder to completed setup or operate before grand opening because it would be hard to setup or cost high once implement systems after built, more over it may effected on interior work. 

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