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CloudPbx.  Multi-Tenant Platform 

You can set your own phone service applications or policies.
Simple to use and it's easy to start and scale.

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CompletePBX Call Center PBX

CloudPBX provides a comprehensive virtual PBX service for all sizes of businesses with the most flexible, convenient, reliable and quality service.

Multi Tenant PBX Platform Advantages

  • Fast and simple to set up multi-tenant PBX platform

  • Minimal upfront investment

  • Easy to use – no long training required

  • Scalable, Pay per use

  • One-click apps enhance capabilities

  • Provide office, call center, and hotel phone systems from a single platform

  • Minimal maintenance

End-User Advantages


  • Modern telephony

  • Simple set up & maintenance (no need of in-house IT expert)

  • Get multiple services

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase the availability of your team

  • Remote extensions / teleworking

  • Home office 

Less upfront cost

  • Virtual numbers (geographical presence) 

  • Get enterprise level phone system

  •  Centralized service for multi-branch enterprise

  • No equipment investment (for the end user)​

  • Affordable​

  • No CAPEX​

Save operation cost 

  • Easy to use, easy to admin

  • Simple set up & maintenance  

  • Not required in-house IT expert​

  • Convenient

  • 24/7 remote access​

  • No additional maintenance fees​

  • No hardware responsibility

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